Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Even Demigods Have Needs

He came to me and first I mistook him for a dream.  Long had I been aware of my duties; a new spring was drawing near and I had naught to show for it.  The people needed fertility, reassurance, and I gave them none.  My womb was as barren as their fields would be.  I would suffer no one to touch me.  I was moody like that.

"You dare much to summon me," his voice growled and I shuddered at the promise it held.  Pain, pleasure; it was all a dream drawn from my daily worries so what did it matter.

"I dare to dream," I murmured in return, a sly smile parting my lips.  

It was his undoing.  His wings spread as he descended upon me, and I dared not move away.  "Do you desire the selfish attentions of my kind so much?  Do you truly welcome it?"

A ritual invite; a warning.  Ah, even in my dreams I stuck to the protocol of our world. 

"Yes."  My answer was breathy, full of lust induced by his mere presence.  Oh when one chose to dance with a demon, the sensations you could gain!

His lips pressed to my throat, his clawed hands pinning my arms at the elbows, his dark red hair cascading down into my fair.  It smelled of musk and sulfur.  "Your blood calls to me," he whispered with heated breath against my pulse.  "It thuds like prey, begging for me to release it."

I laughed, my mind being rolled over by his powers.  Silly incubus, would he truly dare drink from me?  My legs came up, wrapped around his waist; drawing his naked body against mine.  His masculine laugh thrilled me to the core.

"So enthralled already?"  His tone was mocking as he rose up to stare down at me with cold angry eyes.  "You would think a witch who knew enough to summon would know to protect herself from my powers.  It'll feel good to watch you beg for what will kill you with open arms."

"Enough," I arched under him, my body beckoning.  "Stall your snarling and perform your task or I shall dream you under me and at my disposal."

I knew not what came first, the plunge of his body into mine, or the plunge of his teeth into my neck.  Mayhap they were simultaneous.  Either way the pain woke me, shattered my reverie.  It was then I knew him for the truth he was.  Demon, incubi, summoned sex here from an unconscious whim stemmed by pure need.

His throat convulsed, his body shuddered, and he pulled away from my throat with a gasp.  His eyes stared at me with shock and I pulled his mouth to mine before he could speak.  It was easy enough to draw forth my powers and wrap them around him.  He was mine now, enthralled to me as I was to him.  When I released him from the kiss his eyes were half-lidded, his breath shaking with a lust he had not felt in more than one mortal's lifetime.  

"You let this mortal coil deceive you," I hissed.  "I am Shala, daughter of the gods; and the rites of fertility and all it entails are mine to command.  Spring comes soon and my womb is empty.  This troubles the people whom look to me for omen of the coming season.  Are you strong enough to plant life within me?"  It was a dare, an invite.
His gaze narrowed, became determined.  "You think me such a lesser demon that I cannot seed you?"  His thrusts became hard, as if by that alone he could force his truths upon me.  

I gave myself to him, my fingers wrapping around and massaging the base of his wings.  He groaned in pleasure, his mouth once again going to my throat.  I arched my head to the side, allowing him the access he so desired.  As driven by lust as I was, the pain was not so great this time.  Our bodies rocked, clashed, met in a rhythm as old and primal as life itself.  

His arms wrapped around me at the arch of my back, lifting me so that he could slam in to me at his own pace.  My body knew only him, the pleasure he gave me with each and every thrust.  Moments later his wings snapped open, a growl emitting from his throat as my tight insides convulsed, pulling at him.  His body responded, throbbing in time to me as he gave me what my body demanded.  In exchange he pulled the energy we had created into him until he could take no more.

When it was through, when our breath had returned to normal and our hearts had stopped pounding, he rose to his feet.  "It has taken," I admitted at his unspoken question.  "Your service is finished."

"I am yours to call upon when you have need, Lady Shala," he bowed and, in but a heart beat, had disappeared.

I smiled at his words.  An incubus admitting the sex was good was never heard of.  His offering to come back again was the closest I would get.  But what could one expect when a sex demon and a fertility demigoddess dared share pleasures?
~ Even Demigods Have Needs by D. F. Krieger

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